The Plant Lady
Kc’s Plant Fanatic 

It’s Not Just a Plant To Us
I know how amazing plants can be, and you do too, that’s why you’re here!
Looking for something to brighten your day? 
I’m your Lady!

Rooted in family 
I started selling plants with my children at local flea markets almost 30 years ago, I guess you can say this job has really grown on me!
Lot’s of stock 
Hundreds of different plants to choose from!
Gorgeous plants at the most amazing prices.
Beautiful plants at prices that can’t be beat.
The plant lady is amazing ❤️. Her plants are healthy and so reasonable. Love the plant lady!
I bought 3 plants from junk appeal about 3 weeks ago, re-potted them and they are thriving. So, I went back and added another 4 today to my collection! Great selection, and healthy!!

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    Booth #1 Location
    Junk Appeal

    1202 NW Woods Chapel Rd
    Blue Springs, MO, 64015
    Sun 12p-5p
    Mon 10a-7p
    Tue 10a-7p
    Wed 10a-7p
    Thurs 10a-7p
    Fri 10a-7p
    Sat 10a-7p

    Booth #2 Location
    Trade Fair Mall

    2301 S Commercial St #3111
    Harrisonville, MO, 64701
    Sun 10a-7p
    Mon 10a-7p
    Tue 10a-7p
    Wed 10a-7p
    Thurs 10a-7p
    Fri 9a-7p
    Sat 9a-7p