It’s Not Just a Plant To Me

I know how amazing plants can be, and you do too, that’s why you’re here!
Looking for something to brighten your day?
 Come visit your local Plant Lady!

Rooted In Family

I started selling plants with my children at local flea markets over 30 years ago, I guess you can say this hobby has really grown on me!

New Products!

I restock my booth multiple times per week, come often to find the best deals.

Where Am I Located?

I am located inside junk appeal in Blue Springs, Missouri.

Where is Junk Appeal?

How to Care for Your New Plant

The website linked above has plant care information on many of the plants I sell

They gave me permission to link to them but they asked in return “If your customers can not find the plant care they are looking for please ask them to fill out our request form at the bottom of the page”